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Welcome to the Original Military Dog Tag Web Site On The Internet.

Quick Return Tags has been making customers happy since 1990, creating personal tags, medical alertive tags, pet tags, luggage tags, key tags and accessories.  All at very reasonable prices.  Ship same/next day, Always.

Only products Made In USA are used. We buy our "dog tags" from the same supplier as our military. The only other source for tag blanks is the Asian market, these are not stainless steel.

In conclusion, Authentic Military Dog Tags for Personalized ID Tags that are unique and are long lasting tags for people, medical, pet, luggage, keys and more.

Dog Tags, Medical Tags, Pet Tags - military  matte  finish -

Authentic military dog tag !

ID Tags - use for Luggage Tags, Key Tags.
 - actual tag size is 2" x 1 & 1/16" - 

 - i n s p e c t i o n -

WTC Memorial

 - flying high again, never forget-
WTC  Dog Tag

Authentic Military Dog Tags For You And Yours !

Our military dog tags are available to the general public and all branches
of the U.S. Military in stainless steel, solid brass, pure copper or aluminum.

Sorry, no tin tags, we do not use them, they rust, and they are not made in the USA !

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FRee dog tag / key tag with every order, automatically !

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Military Dog tags as army dog tags, personalized dog tags, custom dog tags, people ID tags, key tags.
Authentic medical alertive dog tags, luggage tags, teen tags, kids tags, dog name tags and pet ID tags.

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Army dog tags & military dog tags. Personalized, custom, medical, dog ID tags, pet dog tags, luggage tags, dog tags the wonder tag !
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