• All organizations when beginning a fund raising campaign will have various items to consider.  Each group, depending on their needs, desires and the product they have selected will require certain considerations from the company supplying this product.

  • When selling a  " personalized "  item such as authentic military dog tags, an important consideration, is that in most cases, each dog tag sold may have one or more 'lines' that is different on each and every tag sold.

  • Therefore, the dog tag, is not deliverable at the time of the initial sale.
    ( unless all dog tags are embossed with the same infomation )

  • Individual orders must be taken before hand and the personalized information recorded and submitted to Quick Return Tags as a 'group' order.

  • Upon receiving the order, it will be filled and delivered to one address for distribution to your previous buyers.

  • In order to sell these 'dog tag sets' successfully, sample kits, may be requested in quantities required by your organization for your volunteers to use in the field to show perspective buyers.

    - To obtain these sales samples, please fax us at 928.754.5582.  Include all pertinent data such as contact and shipping information, phone and fax numbers.

    - All sample tags/sets will be embossed with  "text"  indicated, all tags will contain the same information.

  • Each set will vary, depending on your groups needs.

    A set may be one tag only or all the way up to a 'set' that may contain, two tags, two chains and two colored rubber silencers.

  • Each set will vary in the initial wholesale cost, as each item when purchased from Quick Return Tags, is priced individually.

  • The more 'sets' that are ordered, the lower each price of the dog tag is.  The prices of the beaded chains and rubber silencers remain constant regardless of the amount of tags/sets in the order.

  • As indicated before, we will provide you with a reasonable amount of 'sample sets' for your particular campaign at no charge.

  • Upon receipt of your order, preferably via a FAX, we will 'review' your order and then call you with any suggestions/revisions and finalize the order.

  • Upon finalizing the order, we will emboss each dog tag, add the required chains and silencers, and ship them in 'bulk' to one specified address for your distribution to your customers.

  • Our name  " Quick Return Tags "  indicates the turn around time of your order.  Method of delivery and specified delivery date is subject to your dictates.

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