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Authentic Military ID dog tags and Photon Micro-Lights
 for Safety IDentification!
F R E E !   Authentic military ID "dog tag" with every personal micro-light purchase.

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IDentification tags for your family, friends, and all our Pets!
Authentic Military "dog tags" as Personal ID Tags.

ID Tags, dog tags, Pet Tags! Safety IDentification !

Quality stainless steel & solid brass tags for personal, business and military use.
Available now! Anodized aluminum ID "dog tags" and imprinted Collector tags!

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  • A U G U S T - 1 9 9 8
  • VA tagsCongratulations!  Alice Ikeda vet tags

    You are our August winner!

    "I would wear the dog tag with information on it to show that I belong to my dog Lucky."

    Thanks for your entry!  We really appreciate your time and effort.
    Keep those ID-IDeas coming in!

  • Jamie Perry • 08/29/98 • A list of your family (brothers sisters ect..) for your mother or father for his or her birthday
    My URL: • Gavin's Garage (the lead singer of the Band Bush)
  • Lyra Velayo • 08/29/98 • I think it should be used by your circle of friends and it shoudl have a unique design and besides it lasts for a long time so a unique graphic in a dog tag would be really memorable!
    My URL: • Put-Put's Moon
  • Tunç Karakaya • 08/28/98 • My dog Westie will wear the tag
    My URL: • Tunç`s Utah Jazz Page
  • Stacey Imel • 08/27/98 • I would make a idea tags on my wallet chain, so if I were to ever loose it the people would know where to take it and who to.
  • Cathy Lewis • 08/27/98 • I think these would make great favors for bachelor parties.
    My URL: • The Sarina Collection
  • Michele Uphoff • 08/27/98 • I think the dog-tags would be great for kids to wear just incase they were to get lost or something to happen to them. It would have personal/medical information.. and what about kitty tags?
  • Richard Kibbe • 08/26/98 • Club Jags 630 Central Ave. #115 Jefferson, La 70121


    Alice Ikeda • 08/26/98 • I would wear the dog tag with information on it to show that I belong to my dog Lucky.
  • Ernest Lee Gehring • 08/25/98 • College ID's for students!!!
    My URL: • The Assailant Crime Scene
  • Dr Laura Emerson • 08/25/98 • As an OB I deliver more babies a day than I can count. I think a great idea would be for someone like myself to buy a bunch of the IDs and have the metal shop downstairs (I work at a Base Hospital) etch in the newest little family members name, weight and birthdate into each ID. Since all the babies are military dependents it would make wonderful keepsakes for both parents and child. I would like to see the military buy lots of these for this reason, it would be a great gesture for all of us.
  • Shannon Dougherty • 08/25/98 • Wear them so you don't forget who you are in case of temporary insanity.
    My URL: • Guido's Hit 'Em Hard Club
  • Brad Butler • 08/25/98 • Say you're in the navy and you have shore leave. You go out to a store and get a can of beer. But the worst fate falls upon you! You can't get the can open! Luckly, you have your trusty dog tags with you so you just pry them open with them.
    My URL: • Nikana's Place
  • Susan Marks • 08/25/98 • Maybe use them as employee ID
  • diane scissons • 08/25/98 • girl scouts could wear them on outings with their name and troop number
  • Wolf Lennox • 08/25/98 • When someone asks my name, instead of telling ém, I'm gonna wink... give a cocky grin... and show my tags to ém.
  • Jacob Card • 08/25/98 • I'm 7 years old, and I think war is a bad thing. So we should all wear id tags that have the names of people who died for us on them. that way we can show respect for what they had to do.
    My URL: • J's Power Palace
  • Michel • 08/24/98 • To show you respect the men who fought for us and died and remember how lucky we are that the ones we love my green beret daddy did! Also for hope for all MIA's!
  • Kayla Schwisow • 08/24/98 • Put them on your baggage!
  • mike perry • 08/24/98 • use it on my real dog, so he can find his way home!
  • Judy Faraklas • 08/24/98 • No comment
  • Debbie Chicoine • 08/24/98 • We should wear them to show what war does to all people.
  • Francis Welch • 08/24/98 • Drape them around a very special bollard at the Vietnam Memorial in rochester, N.Y.
  • Darrell Edward Burns • 08/23/98 • Burns Darrell U.S Army 423705793 A+ Babtist
  • Ron Hughes • 08/23/98 • Ron Hughes USMC 1649678 Catholic
  • Julie Hildreth • 08/23/98 • I have a navy blue JanSport backpack. So, it appears, does half my school. Sometimes it is really hard to remember which one is mine, but with these dog tags, it would be a cinch!
  • Wondra Lawson • 08/23/98 • give them to your friends to wear so they'll know you're always there with them
  • Dean weiss • 08/23/98 • for me, so if I get lost, someone can return me to my mom or dad.
  • Polly L. Gundry • 08/23/98 • There Isn't very much on Lymphadema, but after my Cancer surgery, I developed It In my leg. It's very Important to let medical personnel know not to use that leg for Injections and such and this would be a great way for me to do that If I was ever hurt and unable to tell them myself
    My URL: • Jaffrey, New Hampshire
  • Lisa Deemer • 08/23/98 • Give to my 18 yr old who likes to race down interstate at 100mph.
  • Heather Bee • 08/22/98 • Wear while starting my new walking program, so if I get run over by a car (!) or simply die from exhaustion, someone will know who I am
    My URL: • n/a
  • Sheila • 08/22/98 • Would like to have my Dad's and Husband's service numbers on them for special reasons to wear as a necklace!
    My URL: • Brittany's Page
  • Betty Thompson • 08/22/98 • Have them at a vet office for people and their pets.
  • kerry woods • 08/22/98 • replace my military tags, which disappeared many years ago
  • kerry woods • 08/22/98 • attach to my mountain bike, so if if get lost injured or whatever, i can be identified.
  • john gregory • 08/22/98 • For my dogs so I don't get them mixed up.
  • Terry Taylor • 08/22/98 • use for people with altimers disease.
  • Ivan • 08/22/98 • so i dont forget who i am
  • Pamela Miller • 08/22/98 • Definitely belond on sports bags and sports equipment
  • Sandy Linder • 08/22/98 • Reminds my daughter who she is
  • BooZeR • 08/22/98 • To place on a bottle of bourbon as a gift.
  • Lisa Molandes • 08/21/98 • I have 3 boys. They always have to have everything just like the other boys, so I would use them to identify their property, so both my husband and I AND the kids could tell their stuff apart from the other brothers.
    My URL: • Angels, Cops & The Disabled
  • cheryl dolan • 08/21/98 • i would give it to my 5 year old to wear as her medic alert ID. To let people know she is an insulin dependent diabetic.
  • Deborah B • 08/21/98 • My kitty just loves anything that is new and can be batted. I'd attatch them to a rope and hang them from the staircase bannister, so she could take swings at them...the clicking noise they would make as they bumped into each other, would keep her very amused for hours...
  • Deborah B • 08/21/98 • My kitty just loves anything that is new and can be batted. I'd attatch them to a rope and hang them from the staircase bannister, so she could take swings at them...the clicking noise they would make as they bumped into each other, would keep her very amiused for hours...
  • Jennifer Perry • 08/21/98 • For my husband
  • suzan jonas • 08/21/98 • just would look nice on my son
  • Lauren • 08/21/98 • if you travel, you can attach them to your luggage in case it gets lost.
  • Emma Poon • 08/21/98 • For those people who tend to forget who they are... or others who just want to look cool.
    My URL: • The Supreme Trekker's Domain: THE Place for Random NOTHINGNESS!!!
  • Ron Ikeda • 08/21/98 • Give it to my teenage daughter. It is the in thing right now to wear dog tags.
  • Eyre Q. Zehro • 08/21/98 • Jingle all the way!
  • Cassie Brickson • 08/21/98 • Use it block those irratating red lasor pen lights
  • Mark Jones • 08/21/98 • I used to use mine to pick up girls...I'm sure that still works! ;)
  • kirk lund • 08/21/98 • use them to make wind chimes
    My URL: • kirks homepage
  • gurpreet Rakhra • 08/21/98 • ????????Attach It To My Keys
  • Sean Michael Sterling • 08/21/98 • Sterling, Sean Michael 526-57-7099 Blood Type: B- Drunkard
  • William O'Brien IV • 08/21/98 • Make people think your in the marines.
  • Esperanza Becerra • 08/21/98 • I would use one id to give to the love of my life. XOXOXOXOXOXOX to u darling!!! The other one I would probably give it to my little sister so when she gets bullied by other older kids she can say that she has a older sister in the marines that can kick their little behind! LOL! Another idea to give it to my sister is just in case she gets lost and if she does (God forbid) the police would know where she can be taken home. :-) c-ya
  • Katie Lee • 08/20/98 • Make smaller, ID-tag earrings or other such jewelery OR use themfor your dog's collar, you know a real dog tag
  • Nicole Radcliff • 08/18/98 • have it in shape of Looney Toons
  • Diane Smith • 08/17/98 • For use in Alzheimer victims in the event they wander from home or from a daycare facility. Name, brief description of behavior, such as agitated by: noise. Calmed by: soft singing Emergency telephone # point.
  • Matthew Czudek • 08/17/98 • as a reminder to my firends that thay owe me a faver!
  • Matthew Czudek • 08/17/98 • on folding tabels,so when you ledn them to your firends for parties you get back the same one's not smaller broken one's.
  • Matthew Czudek • 08/17/98 • on my shoes when i go swimming
  • Matthwe Czudek • 08/17/98 • use on back of computer (on the grill for the fan at the back) as a form of id when you take your computer to get fixed.
  • Tony Ursillo • 08/17/98 • Use as Pet ID tags !
  • Andrew Jones • 08/17/98 • If you do not have a gift for your sweety, why not give the a stainless steel id. You can give a name,state,phone number,and nation, If you are looking for the perfect gift, Buy them identification!
  • Kerrie Mayans • 08/17/98 • Put on my keychain with my keys, so if while I am running, something happens they know who I am
  • Heather Bush • 08/16/98 • To exchange with my girl friend, so that even when we are apart, she will always have me next to her heart.
  • johan carlsson • 08/16/98 • To impress on women. "-yeah i am a marine..."
    My URL: • johan home at the web
  • Dan • 08/16/98 • I'd have a keyhole in my house that would recognize the engravings and unlock the door.
  • kim • 08/16/98 • use them as christmas cards
  • Jeffrey W Younng • 08/16/98 • To be used as an unique business "card" as well as prototional and certificates ..I myself would be interested in the business "card" or better the business tags. As would many people I know in the surplus and firearms business.hmmm maybe I will do this one myself..nevermind
  • Gerald Masters • 08/15/98 • wear one while managing my 7-11 store so people will know WHO'S THE BOSS
  • Sandra Bon • 08/15/98 • hang around the granddaughters neck while she is out serving folk at the local Hooters
    My URL: • none
  • Lorrie Snell • 08/15/98 • Great to let people know i have diabeties and what my medicine is.
  • Aaron Fischer • 08/14/98 • i would make one for me and girlfrind that says Aaron + ______ = true love.
  • Alexander Bowie • 08/14/98 • Wear them so when the federal marshals take you down, CNN will plaster your name all over the news across the globe...although you won't be around to see it...wait a sec, that's not good...
  • Justin Freed • 08/14/98 • you could use them as identification if you deside to start your own night club
  • Ernest S. • 08/14/98 • Wear one with any information about yourself as a reminder of who you are as a person, and the goals you pursue.
  • Jason Munson • 08/13/98 • Munson, Jason 527956098 A- Catholic
  • Kevin • 08/12/98 • Put it around your neck or on a backpack in case either get lost
  • Bob • 08/11/98 • Feed them to your dog
  • Simon Hwang • 08/11/98 • Use the tags to accentuate my manly muscles when I take my shirt off.
  • JD • 08/11/98 • This a test of this mighty fine program that allows mighty fine people to have the opportunity to WIN!
    My URL: • Durable low priced ID tags for you and yours.
  • Suzanne LaMotte • 08/11/98 • I would hang them from our cars rearview mirror with our telephone number on it, so when a thief stole the car he would know where to return it.
  • Donald Tripp • 08/10/98 • Put one on your backpack you so can find your packpack when there are 1000's of the same kind.
  • Kathy H. • 08/10/98 • Put them around your neck so when you get lost- someone will take or call home for you.
  • Steve vetek • 08/10/98 • If you and your friends have a special club, you can put the club name on your i.d. tags so you will have special identification.
  • David Cherniss • 08/09/98 • Put a message on them so it always reminds me of something special.
  • John C. Osborn • 08/08/98 • Bingo Keeper of the Homestead!
  • Anita K. Ward • 08/08/98 • I am not very creative so I don't have any original ideas.
  • George Bon • 08/08/98 • I think it is wise to have yur blood type on the dog tag incase of accident
    My URL: • none
  • Joe Hawkins • 08/07/98 • You could alter the format to include phone # or address so that if you kids ever get lost they would have the information to give to an adult.
  • Ioana Stoianov • 08/07/98 • I'd give it to my boyfriend, so he won't be able to say he missed my birthday cause he FORGOT!!! :)
  • Alisha • 08/06/98 • i'd like to win
  • Elizabeth Zanger • 08/06/98 • Put them on my lunch pail and work bag, so they don't get mixed up with others' at work.
  • Bobby Hacker • 08/06/98 • I will keep mine on my neck so that win I die a thousand years from now people will dig me up and see my tages and know who i was. that would let them know what kind of names that we have now.
  • Kevin Wilkes • 08/06/98 • I go running alot, but I can't carry a wallet. But if anything every happened, the ID tag attached to my running shorts or my running shoes would give medical personal the information they needed.
  • Vanessa Zirakzadeh • 08/05/98 • I use dog tags as my buisiness cards. I hand them out and people remember me better. I even saw someone put my "buisiness card" on a keychain!!
  • Linn Carpenter • 08/05/98 • I think the tags would make lovely and inexpensive ornaments for a Christmas tree. The bright blue style tags with the smile face, angel and/or hearts would be pretty. The bright steel or brass tags could be embossed with names of family members and "Christmas 1998" or "John & Mary, 1st Xmas, 1998". You could get new ones each year and start a tradition. The possibilities are endless.
  • Judy Wheeler • 08/05/98 • Friend made helicopter crewchief "Pouty Doll" for my husband's birthday gift. He used his Vietnam era dogtags to personalize the doll.
  • Matt Miller • 08/04/98 • Pass them out at class reunions, your Senior picture would be on one side, and your name, current address on the other side... everyone that wanted their address given out, would run their tag across a field to read it, like we do our bank cards, etc, then everyone who wanted the addresses, could print a sheet! Maybe the tag would also have room to put certain personal info, like how many kids, married, single, looking, career..etc.
  • Serge Botsaris • 08/04/98 • tie one to backpack in case its ever lost
  • Dee Klose • 08/04/98 • Use them as medic alert ID with allergies or other medical conditions that are important for medical personnel to be aware of should you be unable to communicate.
    My URL: • Klose Quarters
  • Brenda Boone • 08/03/98 • put them in the laces of the smaller kids shoes, so just in case they get lost someone can call their folks by lookingat the tags
  • Cheryl Masters • 08/02/98 • For your elderly parents, so they never lose each other and you never lose them.,
  • Gerard Harte • 08/02/98 • Win one and sell it at a nice profit!
    My URL: • The Joke Page
  • Valencia Gandara • 08/01/98 • Use in place of gift tags, that way they always remember your gift, long after the aftershave is gone :)
  • J.Moninger • 08/01/98 • Attach them to bags that kids are taking off to camp
  • Cindy Lee Merrill • 08/01/98 • Send it to the Capital- In memory of Officers Gibson & Chestnut who died in the line of duty.
  • Courtney • 08/01/98 • Put a dog tag or i.d. tag on your camouflage backpack.

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