Personalized ID's For You & Yours !

Quick Return Tags personalize the most durable jewelry tags for people available anywhere. Stainless steel - matte, bright, black.  Solid Brass, pure copper and anodized aluminum in red and gold colors for kids, teens, adults.  We all love these Authentic Military Dog Tags as Personal IDentification Tags.

Customized Dog tags For All The Kids !

Personalized ID Tags are always well received, always appreciated - a perfect souvenir for special family and business occasions.  Kids of all ages love receiving authentic customized military ID tags.  Rarely are  " dog tags "  ever thrown away.  A life long keepsake.

Our embossed, easy to read ID tags are perfectly used for many occasions.  Commendation, recognition pendants for a  " job well done "  for your family, friends and co-workers.

You can pay more, but you can not buy a better customized metal tag for yourself or friends anywhere !

Traveling ?  Planning a vacation ?  Protect your luggage at airports and hotels with a military dog tag type luggage tag ! Real brass luggage tag with brown or black leather strap available.

Our embossed "Everything Tags" have complete personalization for camera cases, golf bags, notebook computers, backpacks.  Attaches easily with a  small Split-ring  OR  S-hook usually.

Authentic military Dog Tags are great name tags during school, field trips, camp, sports, or vacation.  Athletes and children prefer our dangle-free   stainless steel shoe tags  on the run.

Quick Return Tags medical alert tags are a favorite for people with medical conditions that need to provide information, such as blood type, allergies, diabetes, heart conditions, pacemaker's, asthma, respiratory, seizures and other information  for  emergency  personnel.

A. Have kids or small children ?  They love these real military dog tags as personal ID Tags.

B. As always, features same and next day shipping of all orders, large or small.

C. Expidited Federal Express shipping available.  Select near the end of the ordering process.

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View Plan A, QTY Discounts - All lines the same - Prices as low as $.35 each.

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All of our military dog tags available to the general public and all branches
of  the  U.S.  Military  in  stainless steel,  brass,  copper  or  aluminum.

We send a FRee Key tag with your first name & phone number EVERY order !

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Design and view your dog tags before before deciding to purchase.

- military matte finish -

- dog tags, versatile ID tags -
1 - 5 lines is the norm,
sixth line is available.

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- two hole tag used for a pet or shoe 
tag -
S/S, 1 - 5 lines, $ 7.50 each,
sixth line additional

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A second opinion is Quick Return Tags best friend, always.

! We Deliver Quality U.S. Made Military Dog Tags Quickly !

Our Authentic Military Dog tags have many uses, view some samples just below.

" dog  tags "

" increases   your   families "

-  fun  -  pleasure  -  safety  -

IDentification tags for your family, friends, and all our Pets!

Fun and safety IDentification with Authentic Military ID dog Tags!

Authentic Military "dog tags" as Personal ID Tags.

Great for   Safety   and  Personal  ID entification

There are many terrific personal uses for these,
Nostalgic - Authentic military ID dog tags.

Military Dog Tags are great for emergency information - while camping, boating, fishing, hunting, traveling.
Security ID for kids, parents, pets - for you and yours, medical tags, luggage tags, pet ID tags, computer tags.

 - answers -   Our  Prices 

- actual tag size = 1 1/8" x 2" -

S/S = Stainless Steel

- fun ID tags
S/S matte = light grey

- love ID tags -
S/S bright = silver look

-recognition ID tags -
S/S black = both sides

- friends ID tags -
brass = solid, not plated

- people tags -
red anodized aluminum

- aluminum = rust proof tags -
gold anodized aluminum

More Examples

Tag Tips

Rubber Silencers

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  • Person's Name
  • Address
  • AC / Phone #
  • Birth Date
  • Nick Names
  • Pets Name
  • Boy/Girl Friend
  • Club Name
  • Favorite Phrase
  • I Luv U Babe
  • First to Know
  • First to Go
  • Now & Forever
  • That's my Story
  • Commendation
  • Slogans
  • Take the Time
  • Events
  • Cyclist Info
  • Sports Tags
    hockey, baseball, football,
    soccer, basketball, all
    sports use our tags.
  • Achievement
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Family Reunions
  • Youth Camps
  • Summer Camps
  • " WELL DONE "
  • * THANK YOU *
- solid copper tag -

- custom medical tag -

- embossed tag, easy to read -

- all these characters available -

- mount to collar with split rivets -

Our embossed, easy to read tags are easily
used for many occasions.  Commendation
recognition medal for a "job well done"
for your family and friends.

Luggage, sports gear, key rings, zipper-pulls.
Scout troops, students, clubs, sport interests.
Reunions, bar mitzvahs and various gatherings.
Fund Raising    and    Promotion's.

A great personalized gift idea and inexpensively practical
for yourself & your loved ones, young and old.
At only $7.50 per tag, it's economical too!

Get several duplicate copies and
tag all of your personal items!

- 8 free gifts -


All key rings should have a tag with at least one or more phone numbers.
Losing all your keys feels like losing your wallet full of credit cards.

When out doing your thing be concerned about your identity,
especially if your wallet is back at camp or in your vehicle.

Authentic Military Dog tags for You and Yours !

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This is a great product, 
and I'm thrilled with my purchase!

And thanks for the extra little goodie 
to put on my key chain! What a nice surprise!

I'm not sure when I'll need more, 
but you can bet, I'll order from you when I do!

Thanks, again!
Royce M.

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