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Volume Dog Tag Pricing

View Plan A, QTY Discounts - All lines the same - Prices as low as $.35 each.

View Plan B, QTY Discounts - Changing one line - Prices as low as $1.15 each.

View Plan C, QTY Discounts - Changing two lines - Prices as low as $2.15 each.

We provide the  easiest,  fastest,  ordering  and delivery available !
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Dog Tags, Medical Tags, Pet Tags - military  matte  finish -

military matte dog tag
ID Tags - use for Luggage Tags, Key Tags.

 - actual tag size is 2" x 1 & 1/16" - 

  - i n s p e c t i o n -

Our  military dog tags available to the general public and all branches of the
U.S. Military in stainless steel, solid brass, pure copper or anodized aluminum.

Sorry, No Tin Tags, we do not use them.  They Rust, and they are NOT made in the USA !

FRee military dog tag sent with EVERY order !

 - We buy our tag blanks from the same company as our military does, not from the Asian market.

Our dog tags are "genuine" -  we use the same tag blanks
and computer  embossing  machines that our military does !

Embossing is - raised letters - the tags are  " easy to read  "
and  " identical "  to the dog tags used by our armed forces.

Fun and Safety IDentification with Authentic Military ID dog Tags!

IDentification tags for your family, friends, and all our Pets !

Genuine Military  "dog tags"  as Personal ID Tags.

Great for   Safety   and all  ID entification


AUTHENTIC  military  " dog  tag "  SET

- includes -

Two stainless steel military matte tags, with five lines of information formatted in any style.  Both  " military dog tags "  must be embossed with the same information.

The  " authentic military set "  will include a matching stainless steel 24" neck chain, a stainless steel 4.5" secondary chain and two black rubber silencers.

We install the  wrap around silencers for you !

- you may use any text or format you desire -

- Ultra  DOG TAG  Generator -

 Your  Tags !
- see ' m  B4  you buy ' m -
Ultra Dog Tag Generator
    Them  Here !   
- ship next day,  Always -
Secure On - Line ordering

A second opinion is Quick Return Tags best friend, always.

! We Deliver Quality U.S. Made Military Dog Tags Quickly !

- military matte finish -
Authentic military dog tag set !
- view horizontal image -

 - actual size of dog tags with silencer installed is 2 1/8" X 1 3/16"

A sixth line is NOW available!   $ 1.00 extra.

To place a  secure order,  only $ 14.00 !

When ordering the  " military dog tag set "  it is not necessary to order it item by item, although you may do so.

Just select the  " Authentic Military Set "  in the dropdown window after entering your  " tag information "  on the order page.

View    some  military    formats

You may order  " any dog tag set "  using any information - any format.
Two tags - any metal,  two silencers -any color,  two ball chains.
Neck chains are 24 " in length and secondary chains are 4.5 " long.

Simply order all items individually.

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An article about us !

Open a new browser at maingate.com,
the online network for military communities.
Click on "Kids" on their left navbar when you get there,
then scroll to the bottom of the page and look for
New Generation/military dog tags.

Our latest write up by Matthew Cribbs, writer MAINGATE.COM    :-)

Just checked today, July 8th,
and the article is down/gone/nada/not there anymore.
So click Article to see what they wrote about us!

Click here  for pop-up window regarding our view on dog tag prices.

One of the great sets!
- never  forget -

- another award, :-)

- create  your  own  dog tags -

dog  tag  history   and   random  military  history

View our  Military  or  Commando  Tag Sets

View our  U.S. State Flags linked to Medal of Honor Winners  from each state.

-  things you wonder about  -

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" Early orders mailed OUT same day,
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later orders mailed next A.M."

Saturday / Sunday arrivals mailed out Monday.

All orders shipped via the United States Postal Service,
unless specified otherwise. We use Fed-X for faster deliveries.

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We will refund your money the same day the  " items "  are returned.

The above guarantee does not include customer errors.

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Authentic military dog tag !
ID Tags - use for Luggage Tags, Key Tags.

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