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ID tags for U.S. Marines and their families . . .

All of our military dog tags available to the general public and all branches
of the U.S. Military in stainless steel, solid brass & copper or anodized aluminum.

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- military matte finish -

- embossed, easy to read -
1 - 5 lines is the norm,
sixth line is available.

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med - symbol is

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Authentic military dog tags for you and yours !

- Official Seal of the US Marines -

Marines pride themselves on creating discipline, leadership and motivation.

- Marines -

The only branch whose primary mission includes all three: land, air and sea.

Marines protect the President and former Presidents, embassies around the globe, nuclear weapon sites as well.

Marines is the only branch that works directly for the President of the United States.  ( The others work for Congress.)  Therefore, the Marines can be deployed within 24 hours anywhere around the world.

Fun and safety IDentification with Authentic Military ID dog Tags!

Genuine Military  "dog tags"  as Personal ID Tags.

Great for   Safety   and Personal  ID entification

Today's Marine Corps stands ready to continue in the proud tradition of those who so valiantly fought & died at Belleau Wood, Iwo Jima, the Chosin Reservoir, and Khe Sanh.

Combining a long & proud heritage of faithful service to the nation, with the resolve to face   tomorrow's challenges   will continue to keep the Marine Corps the
" best of the best."
Distinction, excellence, courage, and uncommon physical and mental calibur.

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- actual tag size = 1 1/8" x 2" -

S/S = Stainless Steel
- available in 2 hole also -
S/S matte = light grey

- Commando Style Black tags -
S/S black = both sides

- this one goes great with our sterling silver chain -
S/S = Bright

- easy id for the cub scouts gear -
gold anodized aluminum

- indicate important information -
red anodized aluminum

- brass is class ! -
solid brass - not plated

- 2-hole matte ID tags -
S/S, 2 - hole

- CCW Permit tags -
    S/S  CCW Tags

- CCW Permit tags -
   S/S  CCW Tags

More Examples

Tag Tips

Rubber Silencers
ID tag silencers
New ! Clear silencers also ...

        Officer Ranks
Title Insignia
Second Lieutenant - Second Lieutenant -
First Lieutenant
- First Lieutenant -
Captain - Captain -
Major - Major -
Lieutenant Colonel - Lieutenant Colonel -
Colonel - Colonel -
Brigadier General - Brigadier General -
Major General - Major General -
Lieutenant General - Lieutenant General -
General - General -

        Warrant Officer Ranks
Title Insignia
collar device
Warrant Officer - Warrant Officer -
Chief Warrant Officer 2 - Chief Warrant Officer -
Chief Warrant Officer 3 - Chief Warrant Officer 3 -
Chief Warrant Officer 4 - Chief Warrant Officer 4 -
Chief Warrant Officer 5 - Chief Warrant Officer 5 -

- available in 2 hole also -
S/S = Bright

- special forces use this black tag -
S/S black = both sides

- also available in red aluminum -
gold anodized aluminum

  Enlisted Ranks
Title Insignia
both arms
Private None
Private First Class - Private First Class -
Lance Corporal - Lance Corporal -
Corporal - Corporal -
Sergeant - Sergeant -
Staff Sergeant - Staff Sergeant -
Gunnery Sergeant - Gunnery Sergeant -
Master Sergeant - Master Sergeant -
First Sergeant - First Sergeant -
Master Gunnery Sergeant - Master Gunnery Sergeant -
Sergeant Major - Sergeant Major -
Sergeant Major of the Corps - Sergeant Major -

View the  Official Seal  of the      U.S. Marines.

Three full color,
static cling decals,
on a clear mylar sheet.

Only   $ 5.00

Our embossed, easy to read tags can be easily used by any member of your family.

In case of an accident, near home or far away, do you know your insurance policy number, agents phone number?

Put it on a "dog tag", on your key ring, and add your phone number in case your keys get lost.    


Add a cell phone number along with a home phone for maximum protection of your loved ones !

A great gift for you and your loved ones !

At only $7.50 per tag, 3.00 per duplicate,
it's economical too !


Every persons key ring should have a tag with at least one phone number. Losing all your keys feels like losing your wallet full of credit cards.

When out in the field, on the road, or on manuvers, be concerned about your identity, especially if your wallet is packed away or stored in your luggage, duffle bag, or just not available.

Every ID tag, stainless, brass or aluminum is rust proof.  Attach with a split-ring to your key rings, or to the zipper pulls of your duffel bag, luggage or those expensive flight bags and document holders.

View our  Military  or  Commando  Tag Sets

View our  U.S. State Flags linked to Medal of Honor Winners  from each state.

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Chris Noble from Norfolk, England.

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