(im-baws') v.t. to raise designs and letters above the surrounding surface, using two automated dies.

We use the latest computer controlled embossing equipment.
- the carriage picks up the tag from the right stack, moves to the center - embosses and then moves left to stack -
Inside one our C.I.M. Model 1700, Automatic Embossing Machines.
Our machines and special character keyboards are the same ones used at most of the U.S. military installations, near and far.

Our ID tags are raised, easy to read 1 / 8" C A P I T O L letters.

BE AWARE . . .
You know, like the raised numbers on your credit card.

Embossing allows useage of one side of the tag only.

These dog tags are not stamped hardtoread letters of the past.

Want to see what a stamped tag looks like?